Site owners, committed to giving their visitors a rich experience do well to have a well-devised, well-written and organized FAQ page. Visitors are impressed, as it speaks to a desire to ensure that they are treated well and carefully guided. Another highly important entity tends to be impressed with a good FAQ page as well, that is the Search Engine. FAQ content is capable of driving a search, covering as it generally does a wealth of site-specific topics and knowledge. Also, with more and more searches being conducted by voice, many popular speech questions are apt to trigger key word choices that jibe well with FAQ pages. SEO rankings are apt to also improve with a good FAQ page, as engines, like Google, are approving of sites that offer visitor responsiveness, such as is indicated by a good FAQ. Of course, a great FAQ needs to answer the right questions, the ones that are most apt to be spinning in browser’s heads. Retail entities with a well-developed customer service department have an in here, as such entities have already been answering questions and thus know which ones are the most often asked. Feedback is great for developing a desirable FAQ page. SEO ranking tools are another way to go, as they allow users to know which key words the most used, giving FAQ writers great fodder. Other tips: use structured data, great images and be sure that those landing can easily find your great FAQ page, or it will all be for nothing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Frequently Asked Questions pages on a website is loved by people and search engines because it answers the questions of many persons.
  • Voice searches are becoming a popular way of doing searches for many people and Google reports that 20 percent of the people on the Internet do it.
  • Faq content can be used as a content marketing strategy by several websites because it has the potential of driving traffic to websites.

“So, it cannot be denied that people are looking for easier and faster ways to get answers to their questions.”

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