Have you heard about the latest Google update? As the face of the Internet changes, Google must change with it.

The sole purpose of Google is to provide users with quality search results. 

But why does Google update its search and ranking algorithms? Remember that Google’s main goal is to ensure users get the most relevant search results.

For search engine users, this is a huge benefit!

But, for companies looking to get their name known? These changes make online marketing that much harder.

So how can you stay ahead of the curve to ensure your website’s rank doesn’t slip?

Read on to learn about Google updates. There’s also information about SEO techniques that will serve well in the future!

The 101 on Google updates

PageRank (PR) is Google’s algorithm. The algorithm is used to determine the relevance of a website.

The more relevant a website is, the higher it appears in search engine results.

There are many variables that are taken into consideration. When ranking a website, PR looks at:

  • the number of quality links and backlinks
  • the quality of the content
  • the authoritativeness of the website
  • search term relevance
  • page load
  • functional links

With this in mind, SEO marketing seems easy, right? All you need is good content, a few back links, and plenty of keywords.

This is where some businesses fall flat.

SEO marketing is anything but simple. Many have tried to beat Google’s algorithms by using black hat SEO techniques. But, search engines are always one step ahead.

Black hat SEO techniques to avoid

Quick high-rankings sound ideal, right? But, chances are Google and other search engines will notice these techniques. Using black hat SEO techniques can get your website banned.

So what techniques should you avoid? Proper SEO marketing should not involve:

  • keyword stuffing
  • content spinning
  • paid links
  • duplicate content
  • spam posts or comments
  • cloaking
  • invisible text

Using these techniques can be costly in the end. Instead of rushing SEO results, focus on implementing quality techniques.

Stay ahead by being aware

With so many variables and constant Google updates, how can any business stay ahead of the curve?

Google updates require more work on your end. The good news is that that staying ranked in results post-updates isn’t impossible.

The key is to plan for success now and in the future.

The SEO techniques your company uses must be forward-thinking. By preparing for future Google updates, changes will not impact your website’s ranking.

Read on for tips to ensure your website is able to maintain or improve its ranking position.

Tips for future SEO success

Google updates mean that not only do you have to beat competitors, you have to play nice with algorithms.

Here are 5 tips that will keep your website ranked through any Google update.

1. Produce quality content now and forever

Google’s goal is to provide information that is useful. This should also be your goal.

Your company’s website must have content that is useful. Content must also be informational and interesting for readers. But content isn’t a one and done process.

Ensure that your company provides new content at least twice a month. Google’s algorithm loves fresh content. The more updates on your website, the better!

How can you make sure you’re providing quality content? Consider:

  • providing content in new ways, such as an infographic
  • creating content on viral topics
  • using as many unique topics as possible to keep readers interested
  • using keywords without overusing them

Remember, your website is the heart of your online marketing. This means all content needs to be created with your clients in mind.

2. Don’t slack on usability

Having great content is one piece of the puzzle. Aside from usable content, your website must be usable overall.

If your website provides poor user experience, you can’t expect clients to return!

So how do you know if your website is usable? A usable website:

  • is easy to navigate
  • does not lead users to dead links
  • has a user-friendly layout
  • is simplistic and consistent
  • loads within 2-3 seconds
  • readily displays important information

Your website will not rank well if it is not usable. Take the time to create a company website that shows your company is dedicated to its clientele.

3. Don’t forget about the mobile side of things

The way of life today is through mobile devices. And guess what? Google noticed.

In response, Google released an update known as Mobilegeddeon. The update brought the importance of mobile-friendly websites to the front line.

Along with having a quality website, the same content must also be mobile-friendly.

Mobile optimization is a must if you want to maintain your Google ranking.

Dos and don’ts for mobile optimization include:

  • Do implement responsive web design. This means using fluid layouts that work on any screen size.
  • Do consider mobile-first development in the future. Gone are the days of building a website for desktop use first. Instead, designing for smaller screens takes the forefront.
  • Don’t use Flash applications. These are typically unavailable on mobile devices.
  • Don’t use pop-ups. Pop-ups and mobile devices do not mix. Pop-ups will often cause users to close the site.

Not only do your customers care about mobile-friendliness, but Google does as well!

Google updates are no match for you!

By implementing solid SEO techniques, algorithm updates are no worry for you!

To ensure your SEO marketing is future-proof, now may be a good time to consult professionals. An SEO marketing company can evaluate your existing techniques and offer improvements.

Don’t let an update cause your website to slide in the rankings!

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