Everyone wants to earn the top spot status within Google’s ever-changing search algorithm.

And while content is one of the best ways to drive traffic and boost those coveted Google rankings, the way you apply SEO strategies to your content mix can make or break your online success. 

Simply put, SEO helps people find a website when they may not know a brand name or the particular item they’re looking for. 

Sure, paid advertising can help generate traffic, too, but SEO, when done right, can serve as free (almost) publicity, lending more credibility to your site than any PPC campaign.

If that’s not enough, here are some key success factors you’ll get from employing top-quality SEO practices.

SEO—King Among Digital Marketing Practices

SEO is the best bang for your marketing budget buck. 

According to a recent survey, a whopping 76% of online users turn to search engines to find information about a business. Based on that stat alone, it’s obvious that there’s much to be gained by focusing heavily on SEO.

There are many pieces of the digital marketing pie. PPC, for example, can be a successful tool for driving traffic to your site, particularly if you sell products, rather than services. PPC does rack up a major bill pretty quick, and the conversion rate isn’t always all that impressive. 

Outbound email marketing, too, may generate some traffic, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have a quality copywriter on hand. But, you can’t expect to rise through the ranks of Google simply by putting keywords in your email campaign and hoping for the best.

However, email may enhance SEO efforts, particularly when it focuses on driving engagement.

Social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, are the shiny new marketing tools on the scene, turning attention away from tried and true techniques like link building, meta tagging and more. 

While all aspects of digital marketing work together to drive sales, boost traffic and build credibility, SEO offers a reliable and sustaining return on investment. But it must be done right. 

These days, marketers have plenty of tools at their disposal to ensure they get optimal results. 

Keywords = Key Success Factors for Driving Content

Understanding the way people find answers to their burning questions is just the beginning of building an SEO-centric content strategy. Getting indexed by the Google algorithm is one of the key success factors for attracting the right buyers to your site. 

Spend time understanding what your buyers are looking for—they don’t necessarily type in the same search terms you might type in.

While finding the appropriate keywords is a whole other topic, let your keyword list dictate the content you post to your site and on your social channels.

Be warned—stuffing keywords into content can have an adverse effect on your rankings. Google is pretty hip to the efforts of those trying to cheat the system.

Keep keywords relevant, and insert them naturally, as you would in a “normal” sentence and you should be good.

And Speaking of SEO and Content Marketing…

Unlike paid advertising, combining content marketing with SEO can help you grow your inbound traffic without eating away at your budget.

Some key success factors when it comes to content:

Draws in potential clients

A combination of quality content and the right keywords both drive traffic and the possibility of conversion. A real win-win, if you ask me.

Establishes authority

Address users’ unique pain points, answer questions and present your solutions to concerns. Quality information builds trust and long-term loyalty.

Presents your company’s unique voice

Good content is interesting, it’s an opportunity to share what you bring to the table and why you are different than your competitors.

Link to Boost Your Search Rankings 

Over time, your hopefully relevant, valuable content will earn more links, no matter what the publish date. 

One of the key success factors to visibility; your posts earn interest over time, improving in ranking each time someone links to that particular web page. This, of course, helps you get closer to that coveted top spot on Google.

A Few Words on Links:

The More Inbound Links You Have, the Better

More is more. Enough said. Link building is a key element the SEO game plan, so make sure you dedicate some time to this process here and there. 

Ask reputable sites if they’ll link to relevant content or guest blog for an industry publication. Put yourself out there, and stick to it. As you build inbound links, you’ll start to see an increase in traffic.

Anchor Text Matters

Be sure to use your targeted keywords in your anchor text ad attract the right audience. This cuts down on the potential for bounces away from your site.

Quality, Over Quantity

Yes, we did just say more is more when it comes to links, but more high-quality links will give you an added boost. For example, if a reputable publication links to your site, rather than an obscure WordPress blog.

SEO Allows You to Grow Your Audience

As you publish more content, both on your website and elsewhere, you’ll develop a loyal following, increasing visitors to your site over time. The longer a post is up, the more it compounds

Plus, when your readership grows, you may have the option of adding your voice to a syndicated blog with a larger audience. 

Keep Up with SEO Changes for Best Results

SEO is as ever-changing as the ocean, and just about as vast and unwieldy.

Because SEO never stays the same for long, it’s wise to keep up with the latest news. Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land are excellent resources for the SEO-curious. Perfect opportunities to learn more about the latest Google algorithm news. 

Should you learn there’s a shift in SEO best practices, it’s a good idea to switch gears to stay ahead of your competitors.

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