The more noteworthy the speaker, the more likely the pearls of wisdom that drop from their mouths will get repeated. But, it’s equally likely those pearls will be misinterpreted, for example, taken out of context.

When a well-known Facebook bigwig spoke of the possible disappearance of email it generated lots of buzz. However, pundits have pointed out that the bigwig in question was in all likelihood addressing personal correspondence, not business email, which is an altogether different animal.

Even with all the marketing advances and techniques coming down the pike, email marketing is alive and necessary and unlikely to go away soon. Some would even say it is the only essential marketing channel. Email marketing continues to have the best return on investment of any other marketing technique.

While some have said they are not satisfied with the results they have achieved, it’s fair to note that it may be the way they have used email that is archaic, not the channel itself. Best and most profitable practices for email in business are constantly evolving.

Users that have poor returns may be behind in understanding how to avoid the spam folder, how to filter and separate leads for the best approach, or how and when to resend emails. All of these are among an array of topics that are germane to a great email campaign, while also being avenues of use that are constantly evolving to fit the newest business trends and requirements.

Data supports the idea that email is still a great way to get sales and maintain a long-lasting buyer to customer relationship. Trendier channels may work with a specific portion of the populace, but email is a go-to for just about everyone, with 90% of the intended mail getting to its intended destination. Even if a “hot” new channel gets the attention of a prospect odds are it was the email that was used. So, never disparage email.

Key Takeaways:

  • As new marketing channels have risen in popularity and strategies around email marketing have evolved, there are several misconceptions floating around about its importance and effectiveness.
  • Ever since Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said “email is probably going away” during a 2010 Nielson 360 conference, there has been lots and lots of debate online among marketers.
  • Not only does email marketing have a profitable ROI, it is also one of the cheapest marketing routes you can take, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing methods.

“However, Sandberg was talking about email in terms of personal conversations between friends and family, not marketing emails between businesses and customers or leads.”

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